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Company Culture

(Integrity, Learning, Team Working, Innovation)     


To fully satisfy customers, to help investors obtain steady profits, to achieve mutual benefits.


Learning is not only the source of power, but the fundament of a company’s development. “Science and Technology constitute the primary productive force.” We can only improve and upgrade ourselves by Learning. Well-doing our own job is the best learning process. The experiences of colleagues’ and competitors’ are the best learning materials. Self- pressurizing and self- studying are the best learning method. Lifetime learning is highly promoted. We encourage employees to accumulate experience and knowledge, to build their own learning groups, then to improve the company’s competitiveness constantly.

Team Working

Internal cooperation and coordination are recommended. So a harmonious and healthy working environment can be established. Employees are not only responsible for themselves, but for the team and the company. We advocate team working, and believe that the success of a person can only be reflected in a team’s. The failure of a team is the failure of a person.


Innovation helps us win the past achievements, and it will help us to create a brilliant future. The innovation is not only for technology or products, also for management, operating, producing, service and so on.

Concept of Employing

Concept of Success

Success neither shows in the position of management, nor in some kind of large things. Working diligently and dedicatedly, no mater which position you’re in, there will be success. Focusing on your own position, cautiously and conscientiously, and you’ll be succeed.

Concept of Crisis

To stay prepared against adversities in times of peace. Facing the crisis and challenge with courage of overcoming ourselves and striving for excellence, making the crisis into an opportunity, so the company will be develop steadily. The fundamental guarantee of avoiding crisis is to follow the principle of “Market- oriented, Customer- centered and Customers’ satisfaction- standardized”.

Concept of Competition

We focus on training the competition consciousness of employees’, at the same time, improving our internal competition system, so the bushiness motivation will be strengthened. The fair competition is to encourage and support talents to make achievements. We strictly obey the marketing rules, laws and other regulations, and hope to win the market rationally.

Concept of Saving

First of all, we should improve our working efficiency, to save manpower and time. Then, we should lower the consumption and wastage through scientific and effective management. Meanwhile, we should take all factors’ benefits into consideration to increasing the utilization ratio of all resources.

Concept of Occupation

We request that every employee to be occupational qualified and to observe professional morality. To be a qualified employee firstly, then you can be professional. The professional spirit of our employees’ is demonstrated by carrying out their responsibility and obligation completely. To be faithful to the company, and you’ll be paid reasonably.

Employees’ Responsibility

Insisting on honesty, fulfilling one’s own duty, finishing the work efficiently, contributing to the company abidingly.

Company’s Responsibility

Providing high quality products continuously, satisfying customers’ requests in time, obeying the marketing rules and protecting employees’ legitimate rights.

We solemnly promise that we’re responsible for customers, employees, investors and society.

Home Culture

Gunri is a warmhearted and mannered home for all employees, but not for loafers, mediocre and unmoral persons. To be a qualified member of Gunri, one must have the professional morality, and be loyal to the company, then to be able to contribute to the company continuously. Enjoying the comfort of the family is under the premise of contribution, and the caring of the family is on the basis of not harming the family’s interests.

Gunri promotes that the company and its employees should be grow up together. We’ll try to treat all employees in an objective and fair way, but we have to admit that there is no absolute justice. We hope that employees could understand the potential neglect, mistake and unfairness with a broad-mindedness. But business is never personal, as long as you’re contributing for the company, you’ll deserve what you’ve paid eventually.

Integrity Culture

The important characteristic of Gunri’s culture is honest, earnest, realistic and pragmatic. This kind of culture comes from our loyalty to the company. Be honest before being success. We should take a realistic approach towards a matter, and take a pragmatic attitude to our work.

Small details make big difference. High precision products can be only produced by paying attention to details. The advantage can only be showed by refusing roughness. Things can only be done perfectly by well managing. Gunri is here to help employees become more meticulous and powerful.