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Nowadays, the competition of enterprises is mainly for the talents and technology. It’s believed that it’s difficult to attract and to retain the talents.

First of all, small and medium sized enterprises are not that attractive, which is the objective factor, and we have to face it. We have to think it in another way, and attract the talents from other respects. That's what we say, we should make full use of our advantages. The small and medium sized enterprises are flexible, so will be our recruiting management. With more flexibility, the talents can be grow up with enterprises better, and have more development space.

But the most common problem of small and medium sized enterprises is brain drain. How shall we overcome this? Appropriate methods must be used, to every details, to every personnel.we have to solve these problems according to specific situations. In one word, we should adopt their strong points while overcoming their weak points.

Understanding. By knowing every personnel, the perfect position can be arranged. He will be able to give full play to his advantages and be confident with what he’s doing.

Compliment. Even though it’s just a small step, he should be praised. So the employees can feel that he is acceptable and valuable.

Evaluation. The talents can be divided into 4 kinds of person, details as below:

Intended and Capable. This kind of talents is what we needed. They're confident about the company, with certain skills, and will be the support of the company. We should try to retain them and let them work from their strengths.

Intended and Incapable. This kind of talents is confident about the company, but without special skills. We should arrange the training, so they'll be able to contribute to the company.

Unintended and Capable. With certain skills, but they don’t have any confidence of the company. Then, we have to establish their feelings and confidence about the company. Once get it done, they'll be worth to the company.

Unintended and Incapable. No special skills, nor confidence. General speaking, it would be better to give up. If there are some reasons, we should establish their confidence firstly, then arrange the training.

Above are just some simple opinions about the talents. Highly welcome the communication and cooperation from yours, thanks!